West Malaysia Office
Add.: No.112, Jalan 8,
Kawasan Perindustrian Olak Lempit,
42700 Banting,
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia.
Tel.: +0060-03-31493269
Fax: +0060-03-31491669

Multimedia Content for the Company and Products

1. One-Stop Business Chain Service System
With an international service team with years of experience and top skill levels, DNC is committed to building a complete service guarantee system that is professional, fast, efficient and comprehensive. Every customer will receive a full process service guarantee for pre-sale, sales, and after sales services for markets, spare parts, training service and technical support.

2. Spare Parts Service
Spare parts guarantee measures:
A. Dealer and spare parts warehouse
B. Spare parts are 100% original and we ensure their quality
C. A bar code system is used throughout the entire process to ensure the accuracy and promptness of delivery
D. 5% of the spare parts are available free of charge with a new order
E. The warranty is 1 year, or 10,000km on all main parts.

3. Training Service
Characteristic Training Mode: We invite technicians from DNC dealers for training and we will also send DNC engineers to dealerships for training.
We provide a variety of support methods, including a maintenance manual, operating instructions and more.
Our teachers are professional with qualified experience and excellent communication abilities.
We provide one on one special assignment training, as well as online network training.

More Service Centers
In order to keep up with an increasing sales volume, we will continue to build more service centers.